ASBP Ministries Curriculum Description

  • Train the Trainer Mentor Workshop
  • Train the Trainer Mentoree Workshop
  • Train the Trainer Back to Biblical Basics Workshop
  • A Biblical Congnitive Relapse Prevention support Group
  • Word Focus Fellowship Group Discipleship Series
  • Consulting Services

  • A Biblical Cognitive Relapse Prevention Support

    A Biblical Cognitive Relapse Prevention Support Group Curriculum is a multi-phased facilitator's curriculum designed to equip ministry leaders and individuals involved in addiction ministry with a Biblically strategic support group format for addressing five significant factors for effective relapse prevention: a Biblical view of addiction/relapse prevention, fellowship with God, understanding and developing faith in their new identity, character development and how to overcome the effects of addiction.

    Mentor Training

    ASBP Ministries provides train the trainer workshops upon request for each of its curriculums and provides both facilitator and participant guides with power-point presentation (CD's) as instructional aides for all its workshops.

    A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries, PO Box 1290, Dacula, GA | 770-277-9764 or 770-315-1395 Email: asbpm@bellsouth.net