A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries is an inter-denominational, non-profit, community-based ministry created to build the capacity and receptivity of local churches, ministries and para-church organizations to minister to: individuals in bondage to addictions, incarcerated Christians, Christians re-entering society and their families.

Vision Statement

The vision of A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries (ASBPM) is: for the church to be recognized within the community by both incarcerated Christians and Christians re-entering society, the addicted and their families as their primary support system—for the Church to be actively involved in these individuals lives by providing deliverance and restoration from their past lifestyles through the transforming power of God's Word and—for the Church to be fully equipped to assist these individuals in experiencing the fullness of their calling, enabling them to assume productive roles within the Body of Christ.

Mission Statement

The mission of ASBPM is to educate, train and assist local churches, ministries, chaplains and Sitting Manaddiction counselors in developing a greater capacity for ministering to incarcerated Christians as well as Christians re-entering society, those struggling with addictions, and their families. To assist local churches involved with in-prison, re-entry and addiction ministries in becoming highly effective and receptive in ministering to this population by providing specialized training in meeting their spiritual, emotional and social needs.

A Strictly Biblical Perspective Ministries, PO Box 1290, Dacula, GA | 770-277-9764 or 770-315-1395 Email: asbpm@bellsouth.net