Faith Partners Prison Re-entry
Grant Recipient

  • Curriculum Enhancement
    The Train the Trainer Project has enabled ASBPM to make the transition from training volunteers to training trainers across the nation. It has allowed ASBPM to develop facilitator and instructor guides along with being able to design and provide instructors with power-point presentations for each of the three train the trainer workshops; Back to Biblical Basics (Addiction & Relapse Prevention), I Am My Brother's Keeper (Laying the Foundation For Mentoring Ex-Prisoners), and My Brother Is My Keeper (Equipping Christian Ex-Prisoners For Mentoring Relations).

    Family Support Group Component UnderGroup
    ASBPM has begun converting its Biblical Cognitive Relapse Prevention Support Group Participant Guide over to a ministry tool to be used as a participant guide for support groups for spouses/significant others of individuals who are in bondage to drugs/alcohol.

    Phase 1 of the guide will provide family members with God's perspective of addiction, the problem, and then introduces them to His solution.

    Phase 2 is the most crucial phase where family members are made aware of their need to have a vibrant relationship with God regardless of the condition of their loved one. They will learn how to cultivate their relationship with God.

    Phase 3 is understanding their identity in Christ and is vital for family members learning to view themselves as God sees them. This phase is key in assisting them to be able to address the negative emotions which result from attempting to cope with a loved one in bondage to addiction.

    Phase 4 is focused on character development and is the basis for developing the much needed Christ-like characteristics (fruit of the Spirit) which will enable them to honor God in dealing with their relationship with a loved one in bondage to addiction.

    Phase 5 family members are provided insight into understanding what is necessary for their loved one to overcome the effects of addiction (triggers cravings, appetites, and set-up behaviors) that need to be addressed in order to "put to death the flesh."

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